I just got some notes back on a ten minute stage play I wrote. They seem to like it:

To my great delight, I’ve just read “Story Time” and laughed my way through it.  Here are some thoughts, for what they’re worth:
a.    The premise is a most creative one, and I especially liked to concept of the audience becoming the children; it’s a great device for keeping them engaged and attentive.
b.    Both characters are whole and their dialog authentic (in fact, I cast both parts several times in my mind as I read this manuscript because they evoke images of certain British actors I’ve heard dozens of time)
c.    The play provides a wonderful vehicle for satire, which you do so well by skewering such sacred cows as political correctness, children’s literature, publishing contracts, and the works.  Thoroughly delightful!  The bit with the Doberman, for example, is a scream!
d.    The one item that caused me pause: Molly’s comment to the children at the end that they shouldn’t ruin their lives “like we’ve messed up ours.”  I somehow don’t think the couple of characters as depicted throughout the play would be capable or inclined to say anything so regretful; it’s just not in them to show or have that much remorse.  Leave’ em laughing – this comment is something of a warp in the fabric of the play that is totally enjoyable and downright hilarious throughout.  And a joy to read.  Thank you!